Divine Worship – Ordinariate Study Missal with Free Shipping

Divine Worship – Ordinariate Study Missal with Free Shipping

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A smaller-sized ritual edition of Divine Worship: The Missal, useful for reference and liturgical planning.


Following the landmark decision by Benedict XVI to open the doors of the Catholic Church to Christians of Anglican Patrimony who wished to continue to worship using the forms and words of the Book of Common Prayer, we are pleased to present Divine Worship: The Missal. These texts for the celebration of Mass have been approved and promulgated by the Holy See for use in the Personal Ordinariates established under the Apostolic Constitution Anglicanorum coetibus.


With high quality leather binding, ribbons and beautifully illustrated, this Missal will foster the noble and worthy celebration of the sacred liturgy in the Ordinariates worldwide and provide an essential study text for all who love the Church's worship.


Includes the Order of Mass, Proper of Time and Sanctoral cycle with votive, ritual and Masses for the dead with all the main liturgical texts set to music. In addition, the Missal is now with musical settings for the Alternative Eucharistic Prayer and updated texts for the feast of St. John Henry Newman. CTS Publications, 1,086pp