The Monastic Diurnal or the Day Hours of the Monastic Breviary (with Benedictus / Magnificat supplement & Composition of the Hours Calendar)

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Based on the 1963 edition of the Benedictine hours of Prime, Lauds, Terce, Sext, None, Vespers and Compline, the Monastic Diurnal comes with Latin and English in parallel columns for all the feasts and seasons in the traditional Benedictine calendar along with an updated table of movable feasts. The Latin text is the traditional Vulgate psalter. Ideal for novices, monks, nuns, Benedictine oblates, and all who wish to draw upon the riches of the ancient and traditional Benedictine office. Printed in black and red throughout and bound in genuine Moroccan leather with a flexible cover, gilt edges and six marker ribbons, this is a truly magnificent book.


For each copy of the Monastic Diurnal purchased from our store, we include a free Benedictus/Magnificat card and a table of the Compositions of the Hours of the Monastic Office. Saint Michael's Abbey Press 1480pp.